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This course--for students who have successfully completed Introduction to Python Programming/INFO1-CE9990 or the equivalent, and for programmers with a solid command of another programming language--is designed to prepare you for a position as a junior developer. After a whirlwind review of language fundamentals, delve deeply into Python's powerful advanced features, such as user-defined classes, object-oriented design, decorators, and generators. Learn to employ the most widely used algorithms and libraries to solve common problems in the field. Gain a working familiarity with statistical analysis and visualization using Pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib. Write useful web applications using Flask and relational databases. Query and parse HTML, XML, and JSON data using urllib2 and Beautiful Soup, and perform advanced text processing using regular expressions. Learn to apply industry-standard tools and techniques for working within a development team, such as Git for versioning, code review, pydoc, pylint, and more. Benchmark, profile, optimize, and test your programs, and code for memory efficiency. The course concludes with a discussion of common interview questions and pathways for gaining experience and eventually securing a position in the field.

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