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The images the cinematographer brings to the screen come from the artistic vision, imagination, and skill of the cinematographer as he or she works in a collaborative relationship with fellow artists. This certificate program provides students with the opportunity to explore this collaborative art and to learn how to capture motion picture images. Working with HD video, participants receive hands-on training in lighting and digital-video camera operation, as well as in the theoretical and aesthetic aspects of cinematography.

Upon completion of the program, students have covered:

Operation of HD cameras
Structure and job responsibilities of the camera unit of a production crew
Principles of lenses, f-stops, film stocks, and lighting equipment
Basic types of lighting, including special effects that can be produced in-camera
History and development of technology in cinematographic equipment, such as dollies and Steadicams
Scene composition with the camera and the use of a photographic technique to tell a story visually
Aesthetics of frame composition and an in-depth survey of the classic examples of artistic cinematography
Best practices for working and collaborating in a team-based environment

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